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  • How did this community start?
    Great question! This community began in New York City during the spring of 2009. This is explained in the article below:
  • I am not an educator, am I able to join?
    Absolutely! This community is for women leaders and those who aspire to lead well. We typically attract passionate service professionals, such as teachers, trainers, social workers, etc. However, there have been women involved in our programs from the entrepreneurship-to-engineering industries. Also, the age range of women who have been apart of the community range from 30 to 40+.
  • How do I get access to The Restored Tribe community?
    Through our NEW Facebook community - The Restored Tribe bookclub! Also, sign-up for our Restored Leader newsletters. TRUST - there will NEVER be an annoying number of emails. As the leader of this community, I believe in good quality over quantity.
  • I noticed this is a faith-based community. How so?
    All are welcome. The founder believes in a holistric health approach to wellness and life coaching, so there will be many elements included such as, outdoor adventures, webinar teachings, community discussions, Bibilical applications, etc. This will be a uniquely refreshing experience for sure!
  • How do define the concept of restore?
    Watching this video will allow you to understand a portion of what this powerful concept of restoration means to this community.
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