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About The Restored Tribe

What if we accomplished life-changing wellness goals together in a
loving community?


Champ Restoration has organized a tribe that not only welcomes but thrives with positive individuals desiring to move forward in wellness alongside others. Wellness here is defined as:


more than being free from illness. Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy & fulfilling life. It is a dynamic process of change and growth.

Perhaps, your group of friends or family are stagnated and moving forward by pursuing healthy changes in their lifestyles. What do you do in these instances? Slow your momentum down and wait for them? Absolutely not, we move forward & grow!

The Restored Tribe seeks to grow in progress NOT perfection. The goal is not to be a size 6 (unless that's a personal desire). The goal is NOT to be like our sister to the left or right, but our goal is to continuously become the best version of ourselves. We are a healthy community that indulges in real talk, real love, real work, and real celebration!​

As a licensed special education teacher of 15 years and a certified holistic health coach (life-work wellness strategist) creating warm, welcoming atmospheres that challenge and develop brings me joy, so this would extend to the Restored Tribe community. The goal of this tribe is to continuously become progressively healthier from the inside out while having fun! My concept of health includes nurturing and renewing the entire person: body, soul & spirit. Within my programs, you will find a resourceful, supportive, and accountable partnership where we celebrate and work together to be more efficient in pursuing our lifestyle goals using a holistic nutritional health framework.

Rooting For You!
Coach Sher


Meet The Founder

Sherry Crystal, MSEd, INHC

Speaker, Writer, Holistic Health Coach, & Work-Life Wellness Strategist

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